Rosenthal + Stephens Wedding: BLC Photo Blog – May 20th 2017


I had Lindsay and Justin for an engagement session last fall. It was amazing to say the least. Overall just a great couple. Lindsay drives a Jeep so already she’s good people in my book. LOL LOL. Justin’s job is Sooo fascinating to me. He’s a miner, so I ask a ton of questions that end up scaring me more than anything. I was pretty much done when he said he see’s tree roots when he looks up. Um…Nope I’ll stick with photography LOL LOL.

They are also the sweetest couple. To show their appreciation, they bought me a coffee cup. BUT.. it looks like a Nikon lens. I LOVE IT!! I pretty much drink out of it everyday and mistake it for one of my lenses too. LOL.

The wedding day had me a little nervous. It was raining, like REALLY raining. And to boot it was an outside wedding. I hope I’m not cursed and all my wedding are rain weddings. UGH not ideal for sure. BUT it stopped and the day was gorgeous!! Lindsay and Justin along with the wedding party had me laughing the entire time. Literally my cheeks were hurting. Great wedding party too. Oh my gosh, they were so kind and fun to talk with. I sincerely hope to maybe be able to shoot some of them here soon. Great people all around.

It’s alway kinda sad when the wedding is over. The relationship I’ve built with these two is special and I hate to see it end. Hopefully some kiddo’s will keep me coming back LOL LOL LOL.

Love you guys!!! Congratulations to both of you and wish you two the very best in life.

Photographer: Brian L. Coss – Brian L. Coss Photography –

Makeup: Little Luxuries

Hair: Kompliments Hair Salon

Cake: Cake It On

Florist: Nokomis Gift and Garden

Dresses: David’s Bridal

Tux: Savvi Formalwear

DJ: Audio Dimensions


  1. Justin

    June 2nd, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    Awesome job Brian.

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