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Why I’m Not the Photographer For You

A generic search for “wedding photographers near me” on Google can be overwhelming for a newly engaged couple. Most people are not experts on wedding photography, as they’ve never had a wedding before!  Additionally, wedding photography is a very diverse field with photographers offering a range of styles, packages, and coverage. The endless recommendations and websites to search through can seem like an impossible task, but as a wedding professional who’s documented hundreds of weddings over 7 years, I’d like to give you some background as to why I might not be the guy for you. Stay with me for a moment…

Long before our initial conversation, I’ve been working vigilantly on building what I like to call ‘genuine human connections’. This may sound like a really obvious and human-nature thing to do, and for the most part, you’re right! However, you’d be surprised at how much behind-the-scenes work and relationship-building takes place with everyone from venue owners, to florists and bakeries, and videographers and wedding planners. Believe me, this is all to your benefit much more than mine!

Having had established a solid relationship with our vendors well in advance creates a foundation that is both trustworthy and professional for our brides. It brings a level of ease that goes far beyond the average photographer. Ask yourself, do you want to be in a position where you know you can give up a certain amount of control of your day because you trust the wedding photographer you hired? Obviously your answer would be yes, but knowing upfront what that might look like is incredibly important when you weigh your options.

During the months of ‘off-season’, while many photographers are kickin’ back and catching their breath, I’m hitting the ground running cultivating the incredibly valuable relationships I have in the wedding industry! We’re collaborating, visioning, creating – all so that we can deliver the very best to you – our client! If you think you could benefit from a photographer who values his working relationships just as much as he does his brides, than I just might be that guy for you!

Just as we nurture the relationships with our working partners in the industry, BLC strives to over-invest in our couples. There’s truly not a single day that I am not grateful for my couples! Every single one has provided me the enormous opportunity to grow personally every bit as much professionally. I approach every engagement session and wedding day with this single thought – how can I possibly make them feel valued and convey my immense gratitude? Really. It’s that simple. Who wouldn’t want to feel that way?

Another aspect of BLC that I put perhaps the most energy into is our products and services. One of the most common questions I get asked is this: “What is included in our packages?” I feel like while this is an obvious question, the answer actually varies greatly among wedding photographers.

I have invested nearly 20 years of myself into education and building my personal brand – all of it to better serve you, the client, by delivering the highest quality professional images while creating the best possible experience one can have. Our packages are all-inclusive and we’re with you all day long! Yes, all day! None of that hourly nonsense. We want to be sure we’re there to capture every single moment, no matter how small or big.

Here’s my last takeaway for you – Other than your fiancé, you’ll probably be with the photographer more on your big day than anyone else, and if you don’t get along with them/feel good around them, you won’t have the amazing day you’re imagining. A good wedding photographer can help guide you through the process and figure out what would work best for your individual situation, and really be a help rather than a stress during the continued process of planning out the timing of your event.  They can give you good estimates of how long things will take, or assuage your fears or answer questions about what they’ve seen work/cause problems at other weddings they’ve shot.

This is why I truly go beyond the scope of photography – to build and provide a custom experience crafted specifically for you! Your vision, your plans and dreams…all coming together with as much ease as I can humanly provide. And for sure some laughs…cause that’s just the kind of guy I am.

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