Phil + Jess


A Stunning Three Oaks Wedding

Long before an engagement session, I’m connecting with my couples to find out their story. How did they meet? What was it that about their relationship that brought them to the point of forever?

Phil eagerly shared the details with me…lol. You know, the usual guy meets girl at the holiday work party. And they all lived happily ever after…

Haha. What I love about Phil and Jess’s story though is the actual engagement! I’m gonna let Phil tell this part:

“Jess’s managers played a prank on me after we’d been dating for a few months, because no one at work knew we were dating. The prank ultimately ended in a relationship waiver on our company letterhead (it was a fake document). They got me really good-we ended up both signing the document and laughing about it. I saved that document and 4ish years later used it as a prop to get the conversation started.

Jess came home from an interview, and I had flowers, champagne, and the relationship waiver on the counter. We made small talk and she was walking all over the apartment I kind of stopped her and started telling her how great the past 4 years had been, and how much I loved her. Then got down on a knee and proposed. Our dog was licking my face a bunch and Jess was very surprised and finally said yes after the excitement. Then we went out on a few of our first date spots. We ended at her mom’s apartment with a big party of family and friends waiting for us to celebrate (surprised her). It was awesome and went off so well.”

Phil’s story is quite possibly one of the best I’ve heard yet! Hearing it ahead of the engagement session really helps paint the beginning of their story together as a couple and I quite honestly love this part of what I do so much! It’s such an intimate glimpse inside a couple’s lives and I feel enormous privilege to be invited into it.

Phil and Jess, on behalf of the BLC family, we thank you and wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness!!! Congratulations you two!

Many thanks to all of our vendors that helped make this day magical in every sense of the word:

Event design: White Dahlia Events

Venue: Journeyman Distillery

Event Planner: Jessica Smith

Gown: Hearst Gown by Willowby Watters

Hair: Jessica Werch

Makeup: Reva Salon + Spa

Desserts: Froehlich’s

Florals: Field and Florist

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