It's almost impossible for me to type something about myself. So short and sweet with full transparency. Better hold on LOL. Husband to Jackie, Father to two boys Benny & Beau. Family is everything to me. Time is so precious and speeds up when you get older. I apply this to my weddings actually. I shoot less to give more to my couples ( Who deserve my time, attention, and everything that I am ). This allows me to invest more, give more, be around my couples more, anticipate moments better, and be a genuine friend/partner with all my couples. This synergy creates beautiful imagery. Also shooting less means more time ( Real Time too ) to spend with my boys and build a legacy they can be proud of. 

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Just a guy with a fancy camera trying to build a legacy for my two boys, Benny & Beau.


Love God, My Family, and photographing weddings.

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Main Shooter, Second Shooter, Assistant, & saver of Brian's butt on more than one occasion.

When you get engaged everyone tells you as a couple to sit down and list out the things you want for your day. When looking at that list the top few things should be the things you spare no expense on. For my now husband and I that #1 thing for us was pictures. 

I don't even know where to begin with Brian, but let's just start with perfection! Honestly! 100%, hands down, the most talented, down to earth, gracious, patient, organized, kind, silly, and hilarious man/professional you could ever dream to work with. Brian is a blessing. He's taken countless hours to converse with me, and sometimes to just put my mind at ease. I love his passion and that it radiates through him; you can actually FEEL that he loves what he does! 

July 31, 2019

Ashley B.

Brian is a true professional, and the part I loooove the most is that he dedicates so much time, effort, and energy into working and perfecting his client's days so he can in turn provide, be there, and help his family grow to it's full potential. The way he speaks of his wife and 2 little boys, Benny and Beau, is almost like an insurance policy... lol. like i'm not joking at all;in all seriousness you know you'll get the best because he'll do everything in his power to make your portraits and your day THE GREATEST, because Brian is the type of person and professional who is going places and doing wonderful things with his life; he's constantly growing as a professional, individual, and family man; it's admirable. He works so fiercely that no one and nothing will stop his dedication and drive to do the best in his career so he can live the life he loves, doing what he loves with and for his family. My husband and I also had the pleasure of working with his assistant, Jessica Crane, who is Amazing! She picked out my wedding jewelry for me and it was on point, like I literally panicked, could not make any more decisions that day and just said, "here, I trust you." she was probably super nervous and not ready for that one, but Jessica just took charge like a boss and everything was perfect! like so perfect! She reminded me to breathe and take it all in, was full of joy, took amazing photos, assisted in the craziness of my dress bustling (taking pictures while using encouraging words to calm me and walk me through it... talk about multitasking!) I could go on forever. These people truly care about you! Plain and simple, if you want to work with some of the most talented professionals who deeply care about not only their jobs, but also you, call Brian and work with him and his amazing team. You will not regret it.

We both come from families where pictures mean a lot and have been a big part of our lives. Right at that moment I knew from following him for a while that Brian was the photographer for us.

His pictures don’t just capture the couple but help tell their story. When we arrived at our engagement session I was about as nervous as they come and I think my now husband was as well but Brian made it so easy and effortless, and my gracious when we got those pictures back they were absolutely beautiful! Then when it came to our wedding day Brian again was constantly making me feel comfortable (I hate being the center of attention) and asking me if I needed anything . We are currently waiting for our wedding pictures from Brian but by the sneak peek photo we got I am 100% sure they are phenomenal! If you are looking for a photographer who not only cares about your pictures but the 2 of you as a couple and your day as a whole look no further then Brian, because he is not only a great photographer but a great person!!

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