This is paramount! Yes, I'm obsessed with weddings, no doubt. My second obsession is your experience. I go out of my way to invest more than anyone else in the industry, just to ensure that your day is absolutely perfect in every way. This practice, this strategy, this mindset, is why we've quickly become a leader in the wedding industry.

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Most of all, we believe you deserve the very best we have to offer. We're with you the whole day to make sure your day is captured beautifully


"They are the most breathtaking
pictures of the entire day."

Brian is an absolutely sensational photographer. He chose the best locations and really knew how to capture light in a way I have not seen a photographer do.

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"the memories of  that day just flooded back."

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"the most epic elopement photos we'd ever seen."

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We understand weddings are a big deal. But sometimes our budget limits us. Here at BLC Photo we understand that and want to help make your dreams still be a reality. The Our Story Package includes everything mentioned above including your personal BLC Photo Portal ( Full Print Release ). We simply excluded the album. So you still get a one of a kind experience with your engagement session and wedding day. We still have an Assistant/Second Shooter with us. Everything you need to have your story captured beautifully!! But we don’t want to leave you with nothing after your wedding day. After all the power of print is a wonderful thing! We believe you should have the means to showcase your beautiful day in your home for your friends and family to see and enjoy. So with this package we include a $250.00 Wedding Print Credit. This credit can be applied to our full line of printing products. Our printing products are truly one of a kind, custom, and handmade just for you.

( best value!! )


begin at $4500

It’s no wonder this package is the most popular with our clients. This package starts off with your engagement session. We LOVE engagement sessions. We not only love being goofy and fun during this session, but we sincerely believe this is the beginning to you two’s story. We take that very seriously. As creative professionals it’ our job to start off on the right foot. We believe an engagement session is the best way to do that. This session includes a location that really compliments you two as a couple. We go out for a few hours, laugh, tell jokes, and really just capture you two in an authentic fashion that showcases you two’s love for one another. Once we go through and meticulosity edit your photographs to perfection, we deliver them to you on your own personal BLC Photo Portal ( Full Print Release ). We’ll explain more about this industry leading service shortly.

Now it’s your wedding day!! We believe your story goes on all day. None of this 6 to 8 hours coverage non sense. That’s right, we are with you for the whole day!! It’s your special day and you deserve for us to be there. Our couples usually ask us how long. Well…every wedding is different, but we’re their up to 12 hours. A lot goes into a wedding so this package includes an Assistant/Second Shooter. They help us with all sorts of things from shooting at different perspectives to helping you walk in your dress. We sincerely have you in mind in every way imaginable. So with our little team you can feel at ease that everything is taken care of for you. And again, your full wedding gallery will be delivered to you on your own personal BLC Photo Portal ( Full Print Release ).

Now this is where this particular package shines! This package includes YOUR CHOICE of ANY SIZE Albums. Yes, you read that correctly. You can choose from any of our sizes. Albums can be really complicated and um….somewhat stressful. Again we want your experience with us stress free and just plain Awesome LOL. Size Options Included: (10 x 10 / 12 x 12 / 11 x 14 / 10 x 15 ) Our clients LOVE our albums! We believe your special day not only should be captured beautifully but also printed beautifully. We imagine you getting cozy on the couch a few years down the road and remembering your wedding day. We want to be a part of that experience by showcasing your day for years to come. Your images are printed in a High Resolution Giclee process. This process will reproduce you images in an awesome fashion that will last over a 100 years. All Albums have 15 Mats / 30 pages.

We try to stay ahead with technology. CD’s and USB’s really are a thing of the past. Our delivery method is a cloud based service. Our galleries are so user friendly, easier to use, out of this world beautiful, and WAAAYY more fun than a CD or USB. With your personal gallery you can share directly to social media ( FaceBook ), download single images or the full gallery to your computer, and email the gallery to friends and family. It’s seriously the best thing ever. I promise you’ll love it. Also the gallery is good for 1 year which is also pretty awesome.

( Best in the wedding industry!!) 


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Sincerely, thank you so much for considering BLC Photo to be apart of your special day. Being engaged and planning a wedding is so much fun. We are excited with you and want to exceed your imagination with your engagement and wedding photography. Described below is our Premium Wedding Packages. We put a lot of time and thought into these packages making them some of the best in the industry. Our goal was to offer a premium package and service that had great value but MOST IMPORTANTLY told your story the best way possible.


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We want to make your wedding experience as stress free as possible and enjoyable too!! LOL LOL So to book and lock in a date with one of our premium packages, we only require $1500.00 as a Non - Refundable Retainer. The remaining amount is made in 2 Installments. Your first installment will be due 3 months before your wedding date and your second installment will be due 30 days before the wedding date. Our preferred payment method is Square Payment Services. We simply send you an invoice for the down payment and your all set. It’s really that simple. Our clients ask us why we use Square. Our answer is simple, it’s secure, fast, and easy for our clients. See we want every detail, every process to be the very best for you. Please Note: To be fair to all client inquires, we will hold your wedding date for ONLY 24 Hours. This means your invoice will expire after 24 Hrs.

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So with all this talk about our industry leading portal, we thought we would be fair and show you one. This link below shows off a few things. 1. We show you both documentary style shots from getting ready and wedding portraits too. We also included our fun engagement session shots as well. 2. Overall it shows you what to expect with our premium service. We love these galleries and we know you will too. Please look everything over and most importantly ENJOY!! Also please be sure to FOLLOW US on Facebook for the most up to date content with our Weddings and Engagements.

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YES!! We travel anywhere and everywhere. In IL, ALL the travel is included in the package price. Outside of IL the travel arrangements are a case by case basis. But trust me, our travel fee's are more than reasonable and typically are cheaper then hiring a photographer on site. 

Well...every wedding is different. Short answer...we're with you the entire day. We believe you deserve it. We do not charge hourly for the simple fact that we don't want you stressing about how long we're there. Enjoy your day, we'll capture it for you!!

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All rights reserved  |  Design by TONIC  |  IMAGES PROVIDED BY Brian L. Coss Photography
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